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 We are the only company/website dedicated exclusively to relocating to Greece.
We live and operate solely within Greece.
That is why we can offer you expert information and advice on every aspect,
not only when relocating, b
ut also if you already live here.

"I am dedicated to making you happy about the sercive that you will receive from my company because I love to see happy, smiling faces. That is why from day one you will have your personal contact in your own language. Just click on your language. Hope to meet you soon in person here in Athens – Greece. I promise you will be pleased!"
Paul Seebauer

We are a dedicated team, passionate about making your dreams ... reality.

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We want to hear from you our user. We want to know what you think of us! Not only do we appreciate it, but your feedback--directly--helps us improve our site and our content. We read every single response that we receive, and your feedback will be used to create a better experience for all in this lovely, friendly full of surprises country. Write your expirience on our FACEBOOK page, or directly on our CLUB page.

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