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Family Dedicated (Athens)

500.- Euros (Family of 4)

This membership is suitable for families with children. It includes:

  • Assistance of a Greek/English speaking agent (Monday to Friday 08.00 - 20.00)
    • To open Bank account for family members
    • Setting up Greek Tax number (AFM) for all family members
    • To obtain Greek health care (AMKA) for all family members
    • Arranging corresponding documents to be legaly translated (Translation fees not included)
    • Translation service (Interpretation)
    • Arrange communication / Internet according to your needs
    • Purchasing SIM card for all family members
    • Finding the right home (transport from appointment to appointment in our vehicle)
    • Setting up your home (finding furniture*, electricity, Internet etc.)
      * finding furniture does NOT include their transportation
    • Finding school or kindergarden
  • All benefits from the Regular membership for 1 year for all family members

Hellas.Club can assist you, to find a house anywhere in Greece. (contact for details)


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