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Your company requieres a fast and secure settlement of employees. Hellas.Club will perform all neccessary arrangements  for your emplyees to feel secure and well taken care of.

We will assiste them with a Greek/English speaking agent (Monday to Friday 08.00 - 18.00) to:

    • Open Bank account
    • To obtain Tax No and Healthcare No (AFM & AMKA)
    • Arrange communucation / Internet according to employee needs
    • Purchase a SIM card
    • Arrange corresponding documents to be translated
      (Translation fees not included)
    • Find the right home
      (transport from appointment to appointment, in our vehicle)
    • Set up their new home by finding furniture*, electricity, Internet etc.
      * finding furniture does NOT include the transportation of the furniture.
    • Translation service (Interpretation)

Prices vary!
500 Euros is the price for a group of 4 people.
Please contact Paul, should your company require different services.


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