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When looking for a rental property in Athens, there are several common mistakes to avoid. These include ignoring the location, not seeking professional advice, not considering future needs, not checking the landlord's reputation, not considering transportation options, not inspecting the property, not reading the lease agreement thoroughly, not viewing multiple properties, not researching the neighborhood, not considering additional costs, not setting a budget, and not doing enough research.

The rise of digital nomads – individuals who work remotely while traversing the globe – is reshaping communities and cities in profound ways.
The freedom to work from anywhere has allowed wanderlust-driven professionals to seek out new locations for their temporary office, often in other countries with favorable costs of living and amenities like beaches and mountains. As a result, digital nomads have become unexpected agents of change.

“Digital nomads” is a term that, in recent years, can be heard more and more. Not limited by borders, they are the free spirits, the travelers working remotely as they see the world.

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