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It takes a lifetime for someone to discover Greece.

But it only takes an instant to fall in love with.

Henry Miller
Skiing in Greece

Greece is so much more than just a summertime destination!

Diving in Greece

A country with over 16,000 kilometres (9,942 miles) of coastline, Greece has a lot to offer to scuba diving enthusiasts.

Wind Surfing

Time to take up water activities in Greece,

Horse riding in Greece

Horse riding sports began in Greece just before World War II,

Sailing in Greece

A sailing trip can be a dream way to experience the Greek islands.

Cycling in Greece

Greece, a colorful place, full of nature, culture and beauty, boasts a vast network of cycling routes in the mountains, islands, plains and coastlines,

Volunteer in Greece

If you are looking for new excuses to revisit Greece, or if this is your first time and you would like to make your trip more purposeful, why not consider working as a wildlife volunteer?

Hiking in Greece


With 80 percent of its area covered in hills and mountains, Greece is a hiking and trekking paradise.


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